2/22 Oh if only dogs could talk, we would so love to hear Shilohs story. How did a four month old German Shepherd pup end up starving, covered in ticks and wandering through Anderson Valley all alone. We will never know. But what we do know is that help arrived just in the knick of time for our sweet guy. When a good Samaritan found him and asked for our help with finding him a home we headed off on what we thought was a regular puppy pick up. We had all our puppy supplies, a foster home lined up and thought we were good to go. Once we saw Shiloh we quickly realized he was in really bad shape and our car turned right around with our newest member on board, we were headed straight to Santa Rosa to get him to the emergency vet. On the hour long drive we didn’t think he would make it, he was throwing up and barely moving. Telling him he is a good boy and giving him a name was the best we could do to make him feel loved on that stressful drive. But our Shiloh is a fighter and we are happy to report that he has made a complete turn around. His appetite is amazing and he is improving daily. We are waiting on some test results, getting to know Shiloh and giving him some time to recover. But you can fill out an application for him now and check back often for updates and new photos!

For more on Shiloh visit our Facebook page “Mendo Shelter Pets Rescue” where you can find videos and daily updates




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