Gaia: Mother earth goddess

Update: Gaia is settling in effortlessly, she gets along with the doggies in her foster home. She is such a fun play mate. Gaia has a wonderful personality and she is ready to blend right into your heart and home!!

This is one special little lady, we rescued her when her time had run out at a shelter. Her only fault was not being given nearly enough time out of her kennel to thrive. Gaia is a shy girl but she is showing us that once again shelter life isn’t real! She’s our special girl. Gaia is soft and gentle but we see a play side starting to emerge. She crumples up on the floor like a baby deer for belly rubs once she fancies you. She even loves the “big tall guy” in her foster home, and she is showing us how brave she is every day. Gaia has just arrived so check back often for updates as we get to know more about her. And check out our Facebook page “Mendo Shelter Pets Rescue” for videos and posts to hear more about Gaia’s story. Did you see the heart shape printed on her chest!?

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