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Adopt Earl!

This bouncy adorable people and doggy loving guy is looking for his new home! He’s alive and healing well from his broken femurs and cracked pelvis, and he’s loving it! Give us a ring! 530-570-4538


And … We’re walking 


We believe in miracles and the power of the people! From two broken femurs, a severed toe and a cracked pelvis to hope for a bright future! Our community responded hugely when we asked and begged to save our sweet little Earl! Wasson Memorial Veterinary Clinic has angels who saved his life and gave it their best shot and guess what!?! Life Saved! He’s still got a long road to recovery and HEFTY vet bills but we are never giving up on him!  #communtiypower #mspr #angelsamongus

Double broken femurs = Earl needs surgery! We are short $2,500 but couldn’t wait any longer. Here goes….

Skip your Mocha Latte  for our little man. https://www.paypal.me/mendopetrescue

We are so thankful Earl has been kept comfortable and medicated. Stay tuned for his progress. Once stable, we will need a medically savvy foster home.

This babe is gonna make it out alive.


Broken, and sentenced to Euthanasia.
Unfortunately accidents happen and it’s not little Earl’s fault that a car hit him. It’s not this little guy’s fault that people don’t just have $5,000.00 lying around. That’s where we live and die by doing what is right and being there for the homeless pets who need is more than ever. Can we afford this? No? Can we live with ourselves knowing his life cane down to dollars? No… so here we go again! Please help Earl. Skip your coffee, every penny counts.



This baby was SMASHED by a car! He deserves to live! Please help us get Earl the surgery he needs!!!

This sweet boy is a 3 month old border collie mix who got hit by a car and brought into a local vet clinic for treatment. After stabilization, bloodwork and radiographs, it was concluded the cost of Earl’s treatment and surgery would be approximately $5,000. His owners were unable to afford and elected to humanely euthanize. However, we can not let that happen!!! We need to raise money so we can fix him! He has some open wounds, fractured pelvis and bilateral fractured femurs. One side needs a plate and the other side needs an FHO. After we can get him fixed, we will also need a foster for him to recover in. Please help us help him!


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