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Cherub’s owner passed away (Also Mork and Chow’s Owner).

When we jump head first into saving Mork and Chow we had no idea there was a kitty hiding behind the furniture terrified as she watched her dad cross over.   It was all we could do but step in, make sure Cherub got out alive and take Miss Cherub into our rescue.

Little did we know that this amazingly soulful, quiet, loving kitty had a major amount of medical issues and needed tons of TLC! This girl had infection upon infection and needed multiple eye surgeries, so we got Miss Cherub two eye surgeries and many check ins.

After Elle, our amazing foster took over, Cherub has been on the upswing. She’s taken her in, given her all of the love she needs to blossom and blossom she has.

She’s now ready for her quiet, small, mellow, loving home to step in. This girl is easy-peasy and just wants a cozy couch to call her own.
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