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What we know about APOLLO! Immediate home needed! Currently being boarded, and is safe at Blue Ribbon Pets.

He’s the Calvin Klein model of doggies, he’s a looker. His long tall legs reach to the sky and his squishy face with his tongue out say it all! He’s got a snappy sit, he’ll lay down on command and he’s got skills. He’s the only dog you’ll ever need and he likes it that way. He listens well, but he’ll need reinforcement because he’s so goofy and over the moon about his outdoor adventures that sometimes he gets carried away by the squirrels and rainbows. We love this goofy, kissy heart throb and who wouldn’t want to give him another chance at love after all he’s been through in his short two years of life. Let’s find him his third and final home! Call text to meet him and SHARE to find him a home! 530-570-4538 or 707-972-9359
#adoptapollo #mspr

Please note this is a gps collar, not an ecollar)