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14202740_10155149904305130_8008883969351186154_nMendo Shelter Pets Rescue, Inc. is a foster-based public 501(c)(3) registered non-profit corporation established in 2016. After participating in many aspects of animal rescue and seeing first hand the need for assistance related to companion animals in Mendocino County, California and surrounding areas, Shanna Phillips, Becca Edwards and Alana Hastings formed Mendo Shelter Pets Rescue (MSPR). For years now, from the greater Bay Area to the high kill shelters of Southern California to Mendocino County, the trio saw the lack of public involvement and awareness for homeless pets and the general deficit of the shelter system across the United States. Now that the trio has settled down in Mendocino County, they decided to do something about what they have seen and make a difference in the lives of pets in our communities. The lack of awareness, education, and resources they have witnessed over the years has led them to MSPR and their mission of ensuring that all animals in need get the chance to thrive in a loving home through networking homeless pets, marketing, providing services for lost and found pets, fundraising, creating a foster network, providing medical and financial support, promoting education, assisting with keeping pets in their homes and post adoption support.

14285033_10155151079125130_1308909707_oShanna, Becca and Alana all met at their local animal shelter while walking dogs and quickly realized their shared passion. They joined forces and they have been unstoppable ever since helping and saving animals, reuniting pets with their owners, marketing homeless pets, providing support, promoting spay and neutering, and fostering urgent pets in need. They have spear headed the hugely successful social media Facebook page that is Friends of the Ukiah Animal Shelter where they have a large following of locals to disseminate adoptable pets and timely educational materials. Early on, it was evident that this trio with the community’s support had big plans for the future. Together, they decided it was time to tackle the needs of Mendocino County where the rural landscapes combined with low income, and other socio-economic variables create a great need for education, awareness, adoption support, and spay and neuter assistance.

The trio’s unique grass roots approach is defined by their deep-seated community involvement, open-minded pet-centric ethic of caring and enthusiastic drive to provide assistance to friends and neighbors when they need it the most. Mendo Shelter Pets Rescue aims to raise awareness and deepen participation by seeking to engage the people through inspiring love, compassion, care and responsible pet ownership. In order to make a long-lasting change, collectively action begins from the ground up and that is just what MSPR plans on doing. This is why we call ourselves a rescue, by the people, for the people. We are here for you and your companion animals.

By working together with you, our community, our local shelters and rescues, and “Friends of Ukiah Animal Shelter”, we can combine our resources and help homeless pets thrive! We hope that with your support we can continue to make a difference in our animal loving community.

  • fullsizerender-1Shanna Phillips, as an animal lover, has spent her entire life loving and caring for her own companion animals. She has regularly committed herself to assisting neighbors and community members who needed assistance with their pets and/or homeless animals.  Shanna has become somewhat of a maven for the dog-community in Mendocino County, whereas she is the go-to for animal issues at any given time. From transporting, fostering, training, marketing and providing post-adoption support, she has done it all. After rescuing and vetting many homeless pets, Shanna began to volunteer at the local animal shelter where she found her passion and since has fostered animals from Mendocino County Animal Services, The Humane Society of Inland Mendocino County and Milo Foundation Sanctuary.  She is also a member of the National Mill Dog Rescue and founder of the successful Mendocino County Animal Sponsorship Program where she has enlisted many businesses in the greater Mendocino County area to contribute to sponsoring shelter pets. With a proven track record for animal advocacy and fundraising, she brings a neighborly approach with a can-do attitude to animal rescue.  Shanna is now in the process of obtaining her CPDT-KA (Certified Professional Dog Trainer -Knowledge Assessed) from the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers.
  • Alana Hastings, born and raised a Mendocino County native found her calling in animal rescue when she began fostering her first dog for Homeless Animals Lives Organization (H.A.L.O).  Although her entire life has been filled with everything from farm animals to companion animals, fostering and volunteer activities lead her to her passion. Involvement in animal rescue in the greater Bay Area, resulted in a new found awareness of the “missing link” in animal rescue in Mendocino County, the necessity of a more active role from the community.  Alana’s focus is increasing visibility, awareness, funding and community support for homeless pets.  “As a community we take care of our mothers, our children and our homeless, so why cant we all do the same and take care of the homeless pets?”- Alana Hastings
  • Alana’s background includes marketing via various multi-disciplinary multimedia platforms, organizational development with a focus on change management and leadership.  As a community member, Alana is familiar with the challenges the animal rescue community face and is committed to conceptualizing and orchestrating campaigns to proactively involve the community.  Alana holds Master’s in PublicAdministration with a focus in non-profit and government.  The combination of Alana’s experience, and a passion for animal rescue has lead her to  focus on engaging the community, rallying the troops and teaching everyone that all lives matter.
  • 14238205_10157382832015697_6526024651859731646_nBecca has transitioned to working full time at the Humane Society for Inland Mendocino County as the Kennel Manager. We are so very proud of all Becca has accomplished and look forward to working with her this new capacity. She will continue to serve on our board.
  • Becca Edwards, a life long animal lover, studied briefly as a veterinary technician during her preceptorship with Mount San Antonio College and completed the volunteer hours for her courses at Inland Valley Humane Society in Pomona, California. During her time at the Humane Society, she participated in clinic activities and day-to-day shelter processes in which she greatly identified the unmet needs in the shelter systems across the United States. Since then, she has been involved in volunteering and fostering at German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County, the Humane Society of Inland Mendocino County, Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch and Mendocino County Animal Care Services. During her time at MCACS she has successfully fostered and rehabilitated many shelter pets with behavioral issues and participated as a lead handler in off leash multi dog play groups. Becca is new to the rescue world, but she is jumping in feet first! It has always been her mission to better understand and communicate effectively with dogs and now she wants to apply her skills to the ones who need it most. Her passion lies with the misunderstood, the ones who haven’t had it easy. “Maybe they just need a little help, a second chance and someone to be on their side. Whatever their struggles may be, we would like to be there for them.” -Becca Edwards

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